York FMS

About us

York Family Mediation Service offers an independent, impartial and confidential service to couples who are splitting up or have already separated who are in conflict over arrangements for the future.

We offer a range of support services to couples and families who are separating, or have already separated:

Mediation, which helps people reach agreement over arrangements for the future, and the Contact Centre which provides a safe and welcoming venue for non residential parents to keep in contact with their children.

We enable parents to begin to resolve their difficulties over plans for their children's future resulting in lessening the inevitable trauma, which is part of any divorce or separation. We help people to sort out the financial side of the separation and make decisions on how 

We help parents clarify their roles and responsibilities, which will continue even though they are no longer in a relationship.

The existing adversarial legal system does not help people to communicate, and it makes parenting post separation/divorce so much harder.

Mediation is not a replacement of the traditional legal system offered to people who decide to separate, but is an alternative way of helping people who are still able to communicate together who wish to sort things out for themselves. It gives people the responsibility of making their own decisions for their family's future. This diminishes the need for going through the adversarial court system. We work alongside the legal process and always recommend that people seek independent legal advice on all the decision they make.

We do recognise that there will always be people who are incapable of mediating for a number of reasons, and it must be remembered that mediation has to be a voluntary process.

We are affiliated to National Family Mediation which is a network of similar mediation services throughout the country who have many years of experience helping people through separation and divorce. National Family Mediation is a member of the Family Mediation Council which sets national standards for mediation practice and ensures that all members provide a first class service to its users. National Family Mediation promotes mediation nationwide and is the leader in the training of family mediators.