York FMS


The Supervised Child Contact Service offers a more structured type of contact session between children and their non residential parent than the supported service. It is suitable for families where there is some doubt about the safety of the children if they were to have contact with their non residential parent on their own. Each session is supervised by a trained and qualified member of staff at all times; the parent and child/ren are never left alone together. Notes are written up on each session and feedback is given regularly to the referring agency and the court should they so request it. Most families are referred by either CAFCASS, the Court or solicitors. Parents can refer themselves if they wish but there is a greater cost to this sort of service than the supported centre where the referral cost is £75.

There is a rigorous referral process which both parents are required to take part in; only when both parents have been seen individually by the Manager can contact sessions then be offered to the family. The number of sessions is restricted and it is hoped that families can then move on to using the supported centre or make their own independent arrangements for contact to take place.

Sessions take place on alternate Saturdays and during the week by arrangement.

To find out more about this service ring the Manager on 07904 586206 or email her on ccc.york@googlemail.com.