York FMS

Supported Contact

When families split up after the parents separate and/or divorce, there is often a problem as to where the non residential parent can meet up with their children (Contact). One parent may have concerns about unsuitable venues suggested by the other parent. York Child Contact Centre offers parents in this situation a welcoming and safe environment for children to meet up with their parent and have some quality time together. It can act as a way to start contact after a period of no contact between them or a way to restart contact once contact has broken down between the parent and child/ren. Parents are encouraged to work towards eventually making their own contact arrangements after they have used the Centre for a period; we have a high demand for places.

The Centre is run from Acomb Parish Church Hall, Front Street, Acomb, York. We have a large and well equipped room with toys and equipment which is available for the users of the Centre. Several families use the Centre at a time. Residential parents can bring their children to the Centre confident that their children will be safe and well looked after whilst in the care of the other parent.

The Centre is open 50 Saturdays per year from 10.00am to 2:30pm and sessions must be pre-booked.

If you would like to make a referral please contact the Centre on 07904 586206 or by email on ccc.york@googlemail.com.